Crude Oil Tests

Tests on crude oil include those which assist with commercial valuation as well as hazardous material classification. Monitoring crude-oil sediment and water content is essential in crude-oil custody transfer operations. The residual content of unwanted impurities is measured as ‘BS&W’ and typically separated at site to minimize the volume that needs to be transported further.  Desalting is usually the first process in crude oil refining and salt content is measured to assist in preventing the buildup of potentially corrosive components in downstream production facilities.


SaltCheck Verification Tool (99703-0)  Seta Oil Test Centrifuge for Sediment & Water  Seta Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat (93531-7) Seta Compact Cloud and Pour Point Cryostat (94100-3)


Filtration Kit for IP 440 & EN 12622 (19720-0) Salt Content in Crude Analyser (99700-6) Crude Oil Filtration Apparatus (19727-0)


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