Throughout years of hard work, our company has achieved a large number of contracts with governmental and private sector that resulted in the introduction of the latest update technologies in the medical and teaching field, for example:

Naseem Baghdad at Business 2 Business exhibition from (22-25)/02/2011 in Baghdad University

Naseem Baghdad took the opportunity to show some products of their authorize company like Trimble and Olympus at the business 2 business exhibition Feb. 2011.

Business 2 business exhibition 2011 featured exhibitors from various sectors, all of them eager to do business in Iraq. It was an ideal meeting point to network and explore new business opportunities with key decisions makers in education and government officials.

There was a lot of interest in the materials on show from Private University Lecturers, Instructors from Vocational Colleges and Industrial. Many of the students and Some of the staff of the Ministries of State and owners of construction companies are visiting the trade fair took the opportunity to try out some of the surveying equipment like GNSS R8 and Total Station M3.

Provide the university of Daiyala-collage of engineering with the modern surveying equipment ( NIKON automatic level & electronic theodolite, TRIMBLE total station M3) in 2011

Providing installation & operation of a complete CT – scan (Model Eclos, from Hitachi, Japan) with laser printer (Drypro123, from konica Minolta, Japan) in Balad general hospital. 

The establishment of complete dental clinics (Belmont, Cattani) for Al- Sulymania health directorate, from Takara Belmont Corporation, Japan. 

The establishment of three systems of bedside monitors & central monitor station for three hospitals in Al- Sulymania from Nihon Kohden, Japan.

Providing & installation of Belmont dental chairs for dental college in Tikrit university. 

Providing & installation of Belmont dental chairs for dental college in Al – Sulymania university.

Providing & installation of Belmont dental chairs for Saba' Al – Bor primary health care center.

Providing & installation of ten X – ray system for Al – Sulymania health directorate with 100 X – ray cassettes from Alkomed, USA.

We supplied the private and general sector by the modern surveying equipment as below:


Equipment Origin End user
DGPS & TS Trimble / USA Ministry of Oil / (OEC) Oil exploration Co.
DGPS Trimble / USA Ministry of Water Resource/ The General Directorate of Surveying.
Electronic Theodolite & Level Trimble-Nikon / Japan Ministry of Municipalities / Department of Water and Sewerage (Iraq's Southern Governorates).
DGPS & TS Trimble / USA Al-A'ali Bureau for Consultation Engineering.


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