Setaflash Small Scale Flash Point Testing

ASTM D3278; ASTM D3828; ASTM D7236; ASTM E502; IP 523; IP 524; IP 534; IP 303 (obs); ISO 3679; ISO 3680 (obs); CLP Regulations Flash point is a key property for products and chemicals and is included in many specifications. Setaflash methods cover flash point tests within the range –30 to 300°C using a small scale closed cup tester. The procedures can determine whether a product will or will not (flash/no flash Method A) at a specified temperature, or the flash point of a sample (Method B). The small scale ‘ramp’ test method ASTM D7236 provides a definitive flash point result that has established correlation with ASTM D3828. Many specifications call for the use of these test methods as an alternative to ASTM D93 Pensky-Martens or ASTM D56 Tag and other flash point tests.


Setaflash Series 3: Series 3 (33000-2)

Setaflash Series 8


PM-93 Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester (35000-0) Multiflash Automatic Multi-Method Flash Point Testers


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