Naseem Baghdad Co. for Medical & Laboratory Equipment Trading Ltd.

Petroleum Laboratory Department


This Division is specialized in dealing with Industrial lab equipment, furniture, etc..

Range of Products:A wide spectrum of products are covered by this division and can be summarized by the following: Refractor-meters, Melting Point Analyzer, Gas Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Portable Conductivity-Meter, Analytical Balance, Portable Electronic Balance, Industrial Balances, Moisture Analyzer, Drying Oven, Muffle Furnace, Oven, Incubator, Centrifuge, Water Bath, PH-Meter. Also, this Division deals with a wide range of Petroleum Apparatus: Distillation of petroleum products, Rams Bottom Bath, Micro-carbon Residue Tester, Pressure Hydrometer Apparatus, Rust Prevention test bath, Herschel Emulsifier, Kinematic Auto-Viscometer, Saybolt-Universal, Portable Octane Analyzer, Sulpher Testing Apparatus, Tag-Testers, Reid Vapor Pressure Bath for Petroleum Products, Flash Point Tester.



Also all kinds of laboratories furniturefrom KOTTERMANN co. (Germany)

&Hedlab (Turkey).


Our Exclusive Brands:

  • Stanhope-Seta (England): Design and Manufacture quality control instruments used to measure the physical characteristics that determine product quality & consistency. Seta instruments are used by many diverse industries including Oil Refining,petrochemical,lubricants,pharmaceutical,food,cosmetics, plastics and transport.
  • Seta Analytics (England): Seta Analytics provide analytical solution for hydrocarbon petroleum products. It is a division of Stanhope-seta which combines long established experience of testing petroleum products with the latest measurement technologies to provide enhanced analytical solutions for exploration, refining, petrochemical, distribution and marketing operation.
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  • VWR (England): we are BDH, providing to our customer all analytical chemicals that related with oil production and other industrial field.


This division provided the following companies with different services:

- Power Plans (Gas Generation, Baghdad, Al-Qudus, Al-Mosaib…etc) .

- Refineries (Midland Refineries Company, South Refineries Company, North Refineries Company…etc)

- Global Oil Companies that work in Iraq (SHELL, PETRONAS, ENI, LUKOIL, EXXON MOBIL, Cnooc, Petrochina ……etc)

- Oil Pipelines Companies.

- Oil Distribution Co.

- Ministry of Industry state owned companies.



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