Technical Support

For the most productive long life and highest uptime of your instrument, we can provide complete and thorough technical support from pre-site inspection through installation, maintenance, certification, and repair services.  With just one phone call or service request through our webpage you can access our network of highly skilled service professionals. Our qualified service staffs ensure timely and accurate resolutions are provided with professional guidance and care worldwide. For any technical support please contact our service Engineers.



To continue the highest standard of support for customers, our team of Technical Service Specialists is pleased to help you with advice and assistance on Naseem Baghdad for all kinds of applications.


For Stanhope-seta products and VWR Products please contact:

Phone No. :+9647711331782


For Trimple Products please contact


For Olympus Products please contact

Phone No. :+967901572488


For Belmont Products please contact

Phone No. :+967702913350


For RENZACCI Products please contact

Phone No. :+967901130001


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