Viscosity is the relative ability of a fluid, or semi fluid, to flow and must be measured at extremely precise temperatures. The viscosity of a fluid is important when analysing product behaviour and is applicable to petroleum products ranging from greases to lubricating oils and fuels. Seta offer a range of baths and glass viscometers suitable for determining the viscosity of a wide range of products. All Seta baths are supplied with temperature stability traces and the KV-2 bath shown below has been specifically designed for JET Fuel applications.

KV-6 Viscometer Bath (84200-2) KV-2 Low Temperature Viscometer Bath (94710-3) Air Release Value Apparatus (15840-0) Setafoam Dual Twin Foam Test Baths (14020-8) Seta Autowash (14024-2) 
Herschel Emulsifier (96700-2) 4-Ball and Shear Stability Stanomatic Dual Grease Worker (17790-2 & 17792-2)  Roll Stability Testers (19400-3, 19400-5, 19450-0) Water Washout Tester (19610-4) 


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